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King Voxel

Messing around, creating pixel art with vectors, in Adobe Illustrator, instead of real pixels. First I created a grid of vector squares, that I painted like it was normal bitmap image. The grid. Then I selected only the character that I wanted to “voxelize”.… Read more

CSS Mario

Experimenting with Html and CSS, made a old school pixel Mario, with a div grid, and a jumping hover animation. Still a bit rough, sometimes it breaks when you change screen size. But it’s just a experiment for fun, so no pressure.… Read more

LeiriaCon 2010 Rpg poster and making of

This illustration was made for LeiriaCon 2010‘s first roleplaying meetup (links in portuguese only). It was organized and commissioned by my friend João Mariano. We started to brainstorm with the idea or tagline “You are the game”. After some rough sketches and ideas, the concept of several players, becoming fantasy characters, around the game table started to mature.… Read more


O Comepedras alimenta-se exclusivamente de rochas, pedregulhos e outros minerais afins. Abundância de alimento não falta, mas devido ao seu apetite gigantesco, traz sempre consigo uma bolsa onde transporta pequenos snacks. Normalmente seixos. Desenhado por mim em papel, depois concretizado em “3D” por uma costureira, o Comepedras foi uma primeira experiência no desenho de personagens com o intuito de serem produzidos em tecido.… Read more